Individual Pack MBT 0.22 U1-L1

Product details:


This tube is produced by MIM-technique. MIM stands for Metal Injection Moulding which means that the tube is made in 1 part instead of different parts welded together. The MIM-tube is round at hook and more smooth than the standard tube. The used material is Stainless steel 316 which is harder then the normal used 17-4 stainless steel.

Advantages of the MIM-technique:

  • better strength
  • smoother than normal tube
  • larger entrance for wire, so easier and less time needed for insertion of wire

In thumbnails you find the index table and the technical parameters. Picture 1 is just an example of packaging.


the MIM 1st bondable non-convertible tube is available as:

  • patient set (4 tubes)
  • individual tube (10 pieces)
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